We'd never begrudge our newest, highest-profile cinematic superhero any endorsement opportunities that might arise from his gig as the Man of Steel, but there's something unintentionally hilarious about Brandon Routh's infomercial for Rope Yoga. We trust Routh's claims that this form of exercise was invaluable to his preparation for the physical rigors he would face on the Superman Returns set, but each time we see him demonstrating the machines upon which he trained for his strenuous flying harness work, it's hard not to imagine that archnemesis Lex Luthor has entangled him in Kryptonite ropes, bonds from which he's struggling to break free before Lois Lane takes her final step towards oblivion on a nearby booby-trapped StairMaster.

Maybe Routh should just stick to the quiet dignity of those Got Milk? ads and avoid the giggles of the immature.