On Friday, a reader claimed to have heard Larry King fart on-air towards the end of his interview with Star Jones; the video presented a questionable noise that may or may not have been the sound of King's anal methane. While we may never know if he passed gas with Star Jones, we've since received more information to suggest that Larry King is a chronic crop duster:

I sat next to Larry King at a charity bbq dinner in Sun Valley, Idaho in 1996. He leaned left and beefed right... directly on me. I was in high school, didn't know what to do... He didn't say excuse me.

And I later heard from a friend who was shooting documentary interviews with CNN anchors that during his interview with his highness, Larry King's handler had to stop the camera every 10-15 minutes. Larry farted explosively during the breaks.

So I think you're on to something here, although I bet it's well known on the inside.

And from an IMDb message board:

Someone who works at CNN told me something pretty funny about Larry King. They said he has a gas problem and farts often. To prevent his guests from being overwhelmed by the awful stench, there is a fan underneath his desk that blows air in the opposite direction of his guests to move the fart smell away from them.

Know anything more? We're listening (or sniffing).

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