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Because Hollywood is much too small a town for a particularly anticipated movie screening to play host to just one VIP-monkey's whims, we received two more accounts regarding the infamous Matthew Perry Roped-Off Superman Seating Incident, both implicating yet another sorta-famous showbiz name suffering from a bloated sense of entitlement. None other than Sex and the City creator Darren Star was on hand, and, try as he did, he seemed incapable of convincing the AMC staff that his behind-the-scenes tinkering somehow trumped Perry's magnetic, on-camera persona. The first account begins immediately below, but make sure to read both, or you'll miss the money-shot quote involving Star's cannibalistic brunching taste for former Friends stars.

So I went to see Superman at the AMC Century 15 last night. The 7:55pm show, to be exact. I waited in line before they opened the doors. Didn't get great seats, but they were OK. Saw the reserved thing on the way in, thought the seats we actually broken. I sat in the row in front, but on the other side of the theater.

After my buddy and I got our seats, I went back out to get popcorn. When I returned, the row behind me was all jittery and uppity. Some guy had come by, torn off the tape and sat in the reserved seats - and he was now being a complete asshole to the people in the row behind.

They then went out and grabbed someone from the AMC staff, who came in and politely asked the rude man to move, as the seats had been reserved.

There followed a good 10 minute back and forth argument, where the AMC staff ended up just escalating up and up their chain of command until someone who could stare down Mr. Darren Star showed up.

Yes, Darren Star was the "family of four" who were asked to move. And he was a complete and utter asshole. He walked out with the AMC manager-type, then they walked back in later with Darren yelling "I hire people like that asshole all day", but eventually, Mr. Starr and his party were persuaded to move. The guy behind me then asked in a loud voice "How's the view from the front row?" toward the party that now had to sit in the nosebleed seats.

I'm not defending Mr. Perry's elitist approach to going to a movie theater, but I wanted to point out what really happened with another ego-has-landed-type...

And our corroborating eye-witness:

I was sitting in the row directly behind Matthew Perry last night at the Superman screening. The man who presumptuously sat in Matt's reserved seats was none other SEX AND THE CITY'S Darren Star. After the management informed Mr. Star the reserved seats were for Matthew Perry, his reply was...and I quote, "Matthew Perry?? I eat guys like that for breakfast!" We all laughed at that one. Then he begrudgingly moved to the back of the theater and Matthew, his friend and their two hot dates sat in their seats.