We've had a few sightings of Fake Writer James Frey, signaling that he's come out of post-Oprah hiding and is back in Manhattan. While most of the gawkers have noted that he looks angry when making eye contact, a sighting that we've just received might be cause for genuine concern:

Just saw James Frey riding his bike on Greenwich St. between North Moore and Beach. Made eye contact with him, he looked kinda pissed off and wasn't riding his bike too well. He started riding in the street against the flow of taxis.

Jesus. The majority of thinking individuals may totally abhor Frey, but nobody wants him on suicide watch. Despite whatever egregious literary crimes he may have committed, maybe give him an earnest smile* if you see him? The guy's got a wife and kid.

*We wouldn't recommend trying to hug him, however. Be kind, but do not touch the Frey.

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