Remember Natasha Lyonne? The adorably husky actress from American Pie and Slums of Beverly Hills seemed to have skipped her DARE classes and, in the past year and a half, has threatened to molest her neighbor's dog, pissed off her landlord Michael Rappaport (who wrote about her drug den in Jane), and was hospitalized for all sorts of life-threatening, needle-related things. The last Natasha sighting we ran was in January; we didn't receive another until mid-May. But as we'd not heard much about Natasha, we weren't sure if the sighting was legit, so it was set aside for safekeeping. Then we received a genuinely disturbing Natasha account, then another, and yet one more last night. Four fucked Natashas cannot be ignored, so here they are, in order:

May 20th: It is Saturday morning around 9 am and I just saw Natasha Lyonne dragging herself down the street shuffling her feet. It is so sad. I saw this young girl looking like she is in a drug induced coma walking down west 23rd street past Hotel Chelsea. I noticed her because she was so young looking and her face was so dirty and in contrast I looked at her clothes and she was wearing designer jeans, white button down blouse and a cap on her head. Her clothes were disheveled but you don't see many homeless, drug addicts walking around with designer jeans on and little flat ballet slipper type shoes. She dragged herself over to a public payphone and picked up the receiver and sat for a minute and put it back down and kept walking toward 8th ave. Poor thing!

June 11: I just saw that girl from Slums of Beverly Hills, Natasha Lyonne, inside the Walgreens on Union Square (14th Street, Manhattan) at about 2:15 am. She looked terrible...she had a gray, hooded sweatshirt on (with the hood up) that looked like it was stained on the front, her face was really oily, and she had really dark circles under her eyes. I saw her in the Pharmacy section of the store (I was waiting for a prescription). She walked right up to the cashier and asked for syringes! Specifically, she said "Can you get me a pack of 1 CC syringes?". The cashier made her sign her name in a book, Natasha paid for them, shoved them in her bag, and then left the store. I was very surprised she would be so open about buying them...I guess she figured no one would recognize her with her hood up at 2 o'clock in the morning.

June 13: This morning at about 9:30 I left my apartment, next door to Cafe Mozart on 70th. Sitting at one of the outside tables was Natasha Lyonne looking ultra-tragic, with two attractive friends who almost seemed like nurses or babysitters. Natasha was dressed in a huge hooded sweatshirt, baggy jeans, etc. It was impossible to estimate her body weight, but her face looked a lot heavier and she was covered in some sort of bad red rash, or a giant pimple over her entire face. She actually looked so bad I feel guilty writing this, I just know there are some people out there who like to hear she's still alive once in a while.

June 18: I keep seeing her in my neighborhood-chelsea! I sat and watched her for awhile. It is so sad. She looks like she could die any minute. She was sitting on a step with her drug needle literally falling out of her hand as she started to go into her heroin sleep.Then she would wake up and try to itch her face. What is wrong with her face? She looks like she has a huge tumor or maybe she has been beaten up or has some sort of infection but it is red and swollen and bleeding. Every time I see her, she has different clothes on. This time she was wearing black pants, black long sleeved t-shirt (Sunday-the hottest day of the year)and black boots! It is so sad. Where is her family? Why isn't anyone getting her help?