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Those who feel that potty-mouthed oil heir/goodwill ambassador to Hollywood nightclubs Brandon Davis' media caning following his instant-classic Shitfaced Firecrotch Diatribe was not sufficient punishment for his pube-denigrating transgressions will be delighted by the following NY Observer report, in which Davis returned to the scene of his crime and was promptly issued the clubmonkey equivalent of being publicly urinated upon:

"Not tonight, Brandon," was the verdict on Saturday from doorman at the nightclub Hyde. "What are you talking about?" said Mr. Davis, according to an onlooker. Mr. Davis had, among others, his brother and Sonia Kinski, daughter of Nastassja, in tow. The doorman said it again. "Not tonight, Brandon. Tonight's not your night." "He was shocked," said the onlooker, who was in line behind Mr. Davis. "This might have been the first time someone has ever told him no." But also: "What the fuck do they care what he says about Lindsay's vagina? The guy's a billionaire."

We're not sure if sins have since been forgiven and Davis allowed back in the club, but for one, shining night on a sidewalk in Hollywood, the message was clear: Slander a good customer's genitalia, and you will receive a time out no matter how much money your relatives have left you. Unless you're a really important person in the industry, in which case: Come on in and we'll make sure we keep that firecrotch on the other side of the room.