Daryl Hannah's heroic treetop exploits on behalf of squatting farmers all over South Los Angeles have not yet been forgotten. On last night's Daily Show, the phrase "They are going to forcibly remove actress Daryl Hannah from the walnut tree" was deemed only slightly less surreal than hearing an agitated, airborne Samuel L. Jackson yelp, "Get these motherfucking Daryl Hannahs off the motherfucking plane!" In a follow-up story on the protest, today's LAT offhandedly described Hannah as "plucked" from her perch during the tree-viction, a verb choice that makes it sound as if Hannah were an accidental catch in a giant arcade claw machine, retrieved by a police officer who was hoping to snare a Pamela Anderson or a Leonardo DiCaprio from the protester-filled branches to impress his girlfriend. Lastly, Page Six characterizes Hannah as laughing off her arrest and citation by the LAPD, a sunny insouciance she maintained even after some cruel cops taunted the vegetarian with a plate of bologna sandwiches.