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Like watching TV but regret that you can't take the tube into the bathroom with you? Well, thank God for Bauer Publishing; WWD reports that the constantly conceptualizing corporation has plans for "a proposed weekly title that would recap and comment on the week's news in a manner similar to VH1's 'Best Week Ever,'" even having gone so far as to hire a writer from the show. While there's a case to be made that we're not exactly lacking opportunities to read "humorous" comments on the week's news, we think this argument fails to appreciate the majesty of print. When Paul F. Tompkins talks about Kevin Federline's cornrows hilarity naturally ensues, but when Paul F. Tompkins writes about Kevin Federline's cornrows you'd swear that Murray Kempton had risen from the grave and once more taken up his pen. Also, the gap in Paul Scheer's teeth is a lot less scary on glossy paper. We're almost excited about this as we are about Fairchild's forthcoming "Pimp My Ride" mag.

Memo Pad: Best Launch Ever [WWD]

*Yes, we're aware of the irony.