For a company so picky when hiring, Google's playing the field pretty wide. They pulled this stunt with PR hires last month, so it should be no surprise that Google's now spamming for new engineers. A friend of Valleywag says:

I admit that my linked-in job descriptions is minimal, and I don't include any information on my background—all anyone will pick up is that I'm a 'perl lackey' in engineering and the name of my company. I was surprised to get mail-via linked in from a google recruiter, in a kind of g-speak patois, inviting me to show an interest in the company. The original text is below. I sent a message back, she replied with a canned reply and a request to link to her, to make all my friends visible and spammable. She has done this before, as a friend was able to demonstrate.

An experiment—if you want to link to me somehow and I accept her link request, you too may get spammed by Neha.

We'll pass on the spam — the Valley's prom queen doesn't need a gossip columnist. After the jump, see Neha's headhunter spam. Conclusion: Google recruiters don't need to pass sixth grade English.

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Hello from Google

Hello [redacted],
How are you?

I am an onsite recruiter at Google focused on hiring software engineers and individual contributor. I wanted to drop you a note to see if you would consider an opportunity with Google? If you are open to that type of conversation, please feel free to circle back with me. If you know anyone else who would be please do forward my contact information.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon


Really, if coders have to kill bugs, shouldn't recruiters proofread their pitches?

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