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Does anyone have Cell Phone Plague (known to historians as "the Yak Death") worse than Silicon Valley? (Okay, probably Seoul, but the Koreans will always beat us.) The VCs and sales guys chatting it up on the street — as well as the ad kids calling Mom — should take a hint when "portable phone booth" art projects start popping up.

The Portable Cell Phone Booth (embedded vid), pictured above, ups the chance of yelling "Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell!" by 90%.

CellBooth is a toteable fabric curtain with a weirdly serious writeup: "Ultimately, I desired to recreate the illusion of privacy and stillness afforded by oldschool, 4-walled phone booths, but also to update the booth as a portable object that would fit into a modern life."

But the most telling: Not only is a company selling cell booths for restaurants, but last fall it earned a Wired News story. Shoving public cell talkers into a little wooden box is no longer just a dream.

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