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We mentioned earlier that 4% Famous author Deborah Schoeneman has been doing book signings in DKNY stores nationwide, as reported in USA Today. "For me, it's great exposure," Schoeneman told the paper. Oh, is it? Shortly after that post went up, a New York media type on vacation in Southern California emailed in this anecdote:

I was walking around the gleaming halls of Orange County's cultural mecca, South Coast Plaza. As I passed the DKNY store, I saw an incongruous man in a tux and a tray of champagne flutes. Next to him was a poster version of the cover of 4% Famous. Behind that, sitting forlornly at a small book-signing table in the empty store, was Deborah Schoeneman. I felt so bad for our New York girl all alone in a mid-market retail store in SoCal. I wanted to go in and say, "Listen, I'm from New York too. I feel your pain." But then it occurred to me that that would be rather embarrassing for the both of us. So, I just said to my friend, "I know who that is." He didn't give a shit.

Well, yes, we suppose that's exposure. Of a sort.

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