At an event to promote his new album at Tower Records yesterday, Are We There Yet? and Welcome Back, Kotter star Ice Cube shared a laugh with two deputies from the LA County Sherriff's office, obliging their request that he join them in a rousing rap-a-long to NWA classic "Fuck Tha Police." At first, things were slightly awkward as one of the unformed deputies had to teach Cube how to throw a gang sign while the other gently reminded him that there is actually no "er" at the end of the expletive contained in the "Ice Cube will swarm on any muthafucka in a blue uniform" lyric, but soon the joyful noise of onetime fearsome rapper and law enforcement joined in harmony filled the store, delighting dozens of patrons. Unfortunately, things turned suddenly chilly when one of the officers tried to pitch Cube his idea for a buddy comedy, a breach of Hollywood ettiquette that prompted the offended actor to mutter, "Send your script to my representation" and abruptly turn his attention to the next customer in the signing line.

[Photo: Getty Images]