In the latest installment of how to bite the hand that once fed you, former Page Sixer Ian Spiegelman had a 15-minute phoner on Howard Stern yesterday morning; aside from the usual vitriol and stereotype-enforcing tough talk, Spiegelman had something to say about his old employers:

Ian: The reporters at the Post are good people, they're good reporters. The people who manage the Post are a bunch of scared little girls with no spines. If you're a VP at NewsCorp, you're a spineless little Julie.
Ian: And then, they have Howard Rubenstein who's probably the worst human being alive. He is a total, total freakish nightmare scumbag. He's a crisis management guy who can't manage a crisis. Every time you go to him and he's supposed to quiet things down, he just makes it bigger and bigger. He says all the wrong things.

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