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Fridays are supposed to be happy days, so it brings us no joy to inform you of the snuffing of yet another incandescent point of celebrity love light: Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz have "decided to take time off as a couple," according to People.

The couple "have decided to take time off as a couple. Due to busy work schedules and so much time apart, they mutually decided four weeks ago that separating was the best thing to do at this time," according to a joint statement from the couple to PEOPLE.

Theirs was a coupling meant to be, born on Moroccan sand dunes filming the uncherished romantic adventure, Sahara. She saw in him a potential future "Sexiest Man Alive," with a softness behind his eyes that reminded her of a past fake lover; he saw in her an impenetrable accent and a convenient red carpet alibi. In the end, however, it was the sad realization that neither was doing anything more to promote the other's career that would ultimately set them drifting apart, and onto their next chapter of mutually beneficial love in the arms of a celebrity of equal or greater value.