Thanks, reader Laura Ma, for translating the crazy Baidu ad posted earlier today:

The tiles that flew from the sky are order from a Chinese emperor for catching wanted people. The word "jua" that accompanied each flying tile means "to catch" or "to search" in Mandarin.

The guy who received the tiles is the old time police who is in charge of catching (searching) wanted people. The people caught are different "famous" ancient Chinese characters (real or in fictions). One was a thief, one was a woman who was caught having an affair, etc., and the Caucasian of course is James Bond.

The ending tag line said "with Baidu, you can 'find' whoever you want to search for" and the end titles talked about how many Chinese web sites Baidu has on their database, etc. (talking about Baidu's search capability).

Cheeky! But an honest representation of that down-n-dirty style Baidu showed by ratting out Google in China. Life's more fun when your motto is "Be evil."

After the jump, another copy of that ad.

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