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We held off on mentioning this, because we thought maybe we had it recorded on a TiVo somewhere, and we were waiting for the oompa loompas to dig it up. But it turns out we don't and so instead we'll just tell you. On 360° last night, as quite a few of you rushed to inform us, the big AC went back to New Orleans, where, judging by the pictures we were sent, he auditioned for the Village People. Then he went for a ride in a "mancage." Blogger and old pal Reference Tone, who saw the segement, noted that Coopie "seemed very excited about it" and "really likes to say 'mancage.'" Some examples:

Literally, this is what they call the mancage. It's attached to a giant crane. I'm actually going to get inside it and go over the 17th Street Canal.

A little bit later on we're going to take you up in that mancage.

I've got to put on this equipment, because we're going to go into what's called a mancage right here.

The mancage is used to take people everyday, to take the workers.

Welcome back. We've just gotten out of the mancage.

Sigh. He's always out of the mancage by the time we get there.

Anderson Cooper Enters the Mancage [Reference Tone]