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Special Valleywag Weekend Updates on the Web 2.O'Reilly shitstorm:

  • Ryan from Adaptive Path, inventors repackagers of Ajax, writes why AP's cooler than O'Reilly. [Second Verse]
  • Zorba the Greek owns Web 27.0, y'all, so no steppin'. [Zorba the Greek]
  • Why did respected blogger Thomas Hawk retract his lash-out like so: "First off I probably should not be calling Tim O'Reilly an asshole. It's not a very nice thing to call someone and it's somewhat juvenile." A reader says it's politics: "Thomas Hawk is an FM [blog ad network] member, btw. Dollars to donuts he got a call from [O'Reilly friend and FM owner] Battelle after the "asshole" remark." [Thomas Hawk's retraction]
  • By the way, John Battelle is STILL NOT GOING TO COMMENT about the (totally-unfair-guys-really-tim's-away-that's-vacation-immunity-guys-guys-please-guys) O'Reilly affair, except to update and say Cory Doctorow's big-fucking-benefit-of-the-doubt post was fair. [Battelle Media]

Bigger, earlier updates: Web 2.0 (TM): The shit hits the fans [Valleywag]