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What's happened since Tim O'Reilly's lawyers attacked Tom Raftery like a rabid shark attacking a kitten? (In other words, sent him a cease-and-desist against holding any "Web 2.0" conferences because O'Reilly's trademarking that name?) THESE THINGS HAPPENED:

  • Tim won't sue Tom! Yay! Happy puppies and cake! [O'Reilly Radar]
  • Oh wait shit Tom's pissed! "Is it just me or are they still not getting it?" asks Tom in a post titled "O'Reilly's mean-spirited response." He explains: "They are asking us to sign a document saying we won't hold any future events with the term Web 2.0 in the title." [Tom Raftery]
  • I have written "Tom" for "Tim" and "Tim" for "Tom" seven times and had to fix it. GET NEW NAMES.
  • O'Reilly has more tech heavyweights on his embarrassing Techmeme discussion page than he's ever had at his conferences. (Hint: Hover on "Discussion" and hit "+".) [Techmeme]

After the jump, more things that have happened.

  • Macromedia founder Marc Canter has spoken from the hazy depths of his offices (Marc, your offices smell GOOD!) and turned from crazy old uncle to wise old uncle: Gee, he wonders, why hasn't activist Cory Doctorow added this to his mega-stream of IP-related Boing Boing articles? Surely it has NOTHING to do with Cory and Tim's friendship! COULDN'T BE. (Also: Marc wins award for awesomest illustrative photo.) [Broadband Mechanics]
  • Update: Cory speaks — without swears, vitriol, or exclamation marks. It's like seeing Bill O'Reilly act like Garrison Keillor. [Boing Boing]
  • Another Buddy-O-Reilly's, Boing Boing band manager John Battelle, will not comment until he talks to Tim. Nope, he will NOT take sides til he hears both. Wouldn't be fair.
  • BUT-I'M-ON-TIM'S-SIDE-K-THX-BYE. [John Battelle]
  • Thomas Hawk says it with pictures. [Thomas Hawk]
  • Hawk updates: "First off I probably should not be calling Tim O'Reilly an asshole." [Thomas Hawk]
  • Shel Israel has an entire naked conversation with himself but manages to say nothing. [Naked Conversations]
  • Michael Arrington holds a Web 2.0 Party. Next up: Why Michael Arrington can kick Tim O'Reilly's ass. [TechCrunch]

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