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  • Warner Brothers Records wants a web manager who preferably knows about ", folksonomies, AJAX, semantic HTML or digg," proving that going to all those Web 2.0(TM) parties did build your job skills. [Craigslist]
  • Speaking of the job market, Fortune Magazine discovers that tech employers want to hire people with skills. Obvious? Not if you were here in the 90s. [Ask Annie]
  • The hiringest tech firm this year, according to Business 2.0, is in Milwaukee (pictured). Mercifully, the magazine omits its "The Wisconsin Coast is Silicon Valley 2.0" article. [Business 2.0]
  • Jargon watch: "Unskilled labor" gets a makeover — "Crowdsourcing" is sexy and totally not an idea as old as serfdom! []