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Would it be Page Six without entirely gratuitous drama? Of course not. Jossip is reporting that former Sixer Ian Spiegelman, who is being feted tonight for his newly released novel, Welcome to Yesterday, managed to get his old colleagues banned from attending the party. How did he allegedly do this? It's complicated; follow closely. Spiegelman gave an interview for Simon Dumenco's Monday Ad Age column, and apparently he subsequently came to believe that Post editor Col Allan was miffed over some of the things he said. (It's unclear whether any actual miffage had occurred.) So Spiegelman sent Allan an aggressively defensive email, sort of apologizing for the misunderstanding but mostly not.

"I'm upset that you might think the latest press hits for my book were about the Post," he wrote. "I love the Post. I have always said so. But I do fucking hate News Corp. And I have always said so. I think that News Corp has no place in America. I think it's a totally, totally evil corporation." Jossip believes this email had the unintended effect of causing Allan to ban his employees from attending the party, but Jossip also says that certain Sixers will skulk to Spiegelman's anyway, being sure to avoid any cameras. In fact, we're hearing sort of the opposite: That there is no ban, but that Sixers, in wake of this brouhaha, are now reluctant to attend.

Got it? Yeah, us neither.

Did Ian Spiegelman's Email Get His Page Six Pals Banned From His Book Party?
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