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In 2005, former Observer wretch Jessica Joffe, having bleached away her ink stains, was one of Vogue's best-dressed, pictured prancing about all the right parties wearing all the right designers. In early 2006, she was named one of Paper mag's most beautiful people, a Burberry-clad beacon of class amidst the celebuspawn and Misshapes. And now, The Daily announces that the original firecrotch will be one of the five faces of Banana Republic's new fragrance collection, Discover. There are five scents in the collection, and Joffe will represent Jade, a "floral-fruity mixture of tropical grenade, musky cotton flower, and Kashmir wood." Alas, we'll have to wait until fall to find out more about Joffe's musky cotton flower — but we're guessing it smells like the mall.

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