Smoking Gun editor Bill Bastone was on the Colbert Report last night, explaining the wonders of document retrieval and the information superhighway. When asked what was the biggest story they had ever broken, Bastone obviously said James Frey, whose Oprah-endorsed bestselling memoir contained several fabrications. Colbert referred to it as "the Oprah book":

Colbert: She tore him a new one.

Bastone: She tore him 2 new ones.

Colbert: Well, he could use a few, since the first one is all torn up from pulling the book out of it.

From Oprah's Book Club to a basic cable punchline — my, it's a long fall from the top. Once the Juiceman starts digging in, we'll definitively know what rock bottom looks like.

Video - Bill Bastone on the Colbert Report [Comedy Central]