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  • Thanks to that health nut Steve Jobs, your kids are gonna get Hot Wheels and Barbies in every Happy Meal from now on — just as Jobs becomes Disney's biggest stockholder, the Mouse stops signing Happy Meal toy contracts with McDonald's. [ZDNet]
  • With his excoriation of copyright freedom fighter Larry Lessig, pundit Andrew Keen confirms that besides being a flame-baiter, he's kind of a dick. [Andrew Keen]
  • As Google gets better and better, the Register decides to take the subtle, calibrated perspective: "The worse Google gets, the more money it makes?" [Register]

And big brother Kotaku gets off the beanbag chair and blogs gaming mega-conf E3:

  • Sega's releasing a new Golden Axe. Now that is a classic worth reviving, despite creepy memories of my brother always playing the chainmail bikini girl. [Kotaku]
  • Live video of people reacting to Wii. (Dear Nintendo: Stop horning in on the stupid-wimpy-name industry. Love, Web 2.0.) [Kotaku]
  • Oh hell, read the whole string of coverage. Tons of video, tons of use of the word "fuck."