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A Defamer operative weighed in with a full report from inside the E3 XBox party at the Tropicana last night, where gaming dweebs gawked at celebrity scene-whores while nearly naked Skank du Soleil performers contorted themselves on floating mattresses off in the distance:

Here are the things i love about E3 time in LA; 1) mega events with free booze, 2) something else to talk about besides Anthony Pellicano or Tom Cruise and 3) watching pasty gamers trying to act nonchalant around celebutantes.

Went to the Xbox party at the Amanda Demme-less Tropicana last night, where the celeb sightings were slim, yet still entertaining. Danny Masterson aka DJ Donkeypizzle aka mr. i love the donkey punch was spinning with his hellcat gf Bijou Phillips convulsing or maybe dancing at the DJ booth. Paris Hilton slobbering over new bf Matt Leinert and a slew of TV stars on the decline- Michael Vartan, Matthew Perry, Ashley Parker Angel, Bryan Greenberg (Unscripted), and the son from 7th Heaven.

But the best was the "entertainment" at this Xbox party. They had floating mattresses in the pool and then throughout the night nearly naked hired dancers were writhing and performing strange acrobatics on and/or around the mattresses in the pool. If Paris Hilton didnt do it for the gamers, this certainly did. hotttttttttttttttttt. i stuck to Texas Hold 'Em on at the game consoles.