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Does Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko really possess the best ass in magazinedom? With it sheathed in two layers of tuxedo, one can't really tell.

The Ellies were last night! The Ellies were last night! Yay! The 40th annual presentation of the National Magazines Awards went off better than many expected last night, in its untraditional, non-at-the-Waldorf, black-tied form. There was no runaway winner — The New Yorker only won two — but it was a good night for a lot of folks: Remnick's crew, of course, but also for Adam Moss and New York, and Jim Kelly and Time, and Lewis Lapham and David Granger and Jann Wenner and, probably most excitingly, for Ted Genoways and his Virginia Quarterly Review. It was also, entirely unexpectedly, a fantastic night for Dave Zinczenko's physique, which was extravagantly lauded by his fellow Rodale editor, Backpacker's Jonathan Dorn, who when accepting his award for Best Section proceeded to describe the joys of a sharing a locker room with ol' DZ, who, Dorn proclaims, "has the best ass at Rodale." (This was, alas, difficult to confirm at the Rodale after-party at the Hudson, where the only views of it were obstructed.) A lengthier report — and the winner of our High-Stakes Ellies Pool — coming later. Meantime, check our live team coverage from last night.

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