Sightings are sent in by readers and posted daily to our Gawker Stalker Map. This is our occasional, old-school compilation of some of our favorites.

In this edition of the Stalk: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Milo Ventimiglia calling Alexis Bledel a "cunt," Michelle Rodriguez, Tim Robbins, Uma Thurman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, 50 Cent, Anderson Cooper, Matt Dillon, Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova, Ralph Fiennes, Jeremy Piven, Bradley Cooper, Jon Voight, John Malkovich, Mark Ruffalo, Lisa Kudrow, Tina Fey, David Cone, Al Sharpton, Paul Rudd, Sandra Oh, Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard, Kelis, David Arquette and Courtney Cox, Maya Rudolph, Martha Stewart, Holland Taylor, Eric Balfour, Minnie Driver, Paul Giamatti, Mario Batali, David Duchovny, Keri Russell, Gabriel Byrne, Elliot Spitzer, Donald and Melania Trump, Steven Schirippa, Melvin Van Peebles, Jeff Garlin, Angie Harmon, Bill Hemmer, Ron Rifkin, Vincent D'Onofrio, Bobby Flay, Andrew McCarthy, John Krasinski and Rashida Jones, Liv Tyler, Jennifer Esposito, Joshua Jackson, Seann William Scott, Axl Rose, Michael Moore, the Fonz, Billy and Kate Lee Joel, Mo Rocca, John Stossell, Judge Judy, Lisa-Marie Priestly, Will Janowitz, Carl Icahn, Dan Hedaya , Cyndi Lauper, Patricia Clarkson, Fran Drescher, and Anthony Edwards.

Pretty Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) having heated argument with Milo Ventimiglia in the corner of the Gramercy Cafe around 8 pm. He was in a black hoodie and said the C world real loud. She was weepy. Tried to ask if things were okay and he told us to fuck off. Mean freak, but to each his/her own!

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, walking in Soho. Now, on its own this would have been kind of boring just b/c I cared more about him when he was the guy from Bend it Like Beckham as opposed to the guy who managed to pull off the lead in a Woody Allen film and a tv movie about Elvis both in the same calendar year. And I'm pretty over both his and Keira Knightley's pouts. But I digress...So JRM is walking along and talking to his friend (female). He's in tight black jeans, scary small waist, really pasty, looking a bit like Pete Doherty to be perfectly honest; constantly lifting up his white old man's hanes t-shirt, kind of a weird spring in his step, and exposing his blue Calvin Klein underwear. Of course, my friend who was with me was convinced JRM was "taunting" him specifically with the underwear flashes. So, the British Elvis is going on and on quite loudly about how apparently Colin Farrell mouthed off on some random radio show that Irish women should wax, and do a bit more grooming downstairs and waxing stats in his country skyrocketed. Like, comparing them to women of the world, Colin was really bummed that his countrywomen were performing poorly in that category. My favorite line from JRM, in that accent of his, "I mean, it's like Colin fucking Farrell says get waxed, and women all over Ireland go get waxed."

Saw Michelle Rodriguez stepping out of a limo and entering the Osaka health society on 56th street and 6th ave at exactly 6pm. Maybe to get some acupuncture. Probably getting some R&R after jail. She looked stunning, all glam and made up. So much slimmer and more petite in person. She waited for the buzzer to ring and one lady walked up to her and handed her an ad for palm reading by Gia. No one seemed to notice her except for my friend and I who were standing right in front of the limo.

Spotted Tim Robbins on my return flight from Athens, Greece today. Figures— he was all over the newspapers in Greece this past week calling for George Bush's impeachment while promoting some version of "1984" that he directed. He was tall and might I say sexy, with salt and pepper grey hair poking out from his black baseball cap. At JFK he was first in line for customs and at baggage claim he picked up a bunch of bags and what looked like a hockey stick bag. Weird that he'd be playing hockey (ice or street) in Greece. All I could think about was how he was going home to sweet tits Susan Sarandon.

On Tuesday I was at shake shack around 5:45 and saw Uma Thurman, with about 4-5 kids (two of which i believe were hers), some older white woman and some younger black woman...I have no idea what the connection among the whole crew was, but in addition, they had a puggle and some other dog-like creature that weighed less than my sister's guinea pig. Uma was taller than I expected—at least my height (6'), and looked pretty good. She had some goofy hat on, but was not playing the usual coy celeb schtick—she was boisterous and going up to check on her order every 5 minutes and yelling about napkins, etc. Not blending in. It was good to see a celeb not getting special treatment—hell yeah shake shack!

Maggie Gyllenhaal carrying the Saarshaal fetus in a Gwen Stefani LAMB sweatshirt on a bodega run on Hudson Street. I gotta be honest: I am sort of infatuated with them as a couple and will take it personally if they leave the West Village for Tribeca. Feels good to get that out.

Currently in the American 1st class cabin flying from New York to Miami, 50 Cent and a relatively small (3 people) posse.

Rode the 1 train this morning with Anderson Cooper and another man—they were clearly together. Both were smartly dressed, I'm guessing at least some Prada on Anderson and a definite Gucci loafer on the other guy. They kept their heads down reading newspapers—Anderson the Times and the other guy the Journal. Anderson smirked at his "friend", who gave a woman begging for money some cash. As they got off at 42nd street, Anderson touched the small of the guy's back and he smiled.

May 2, 5:00, Matt Dillon at restaurant Northwest on the southwest (that's right!) corner of 79th & Columbus. He's always there & sitting outside, today for at least an hour trying to be recognized. He's with some girl half his age talking about "if a girl doesn't put out after a few dates." Talk any louder Matt & they'll hear you on Broadway. What a loser.

Seated next to Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova at Craft tonight, celebrating their 22nd (!!!) anniversary. Both are astoundingly tall, he still has the same shock of black hair, & thin, white face. She looks about 32, super long hair and Mt. Rushmore cheekbones. They were warm & friendly & disappeared for a smoke about halfway through.

7:15 Saw Ralph Fiennes eating at Compass on the Upper West Side with his two young sons. Extremely handsome in person! Cute kids, too.

Jeremy Piven sitting with three people a few tables over at Nobu in Tribeca on Wednesday (5/3) at around 10 pm. He looked kind of cute, wearing some red leather jacket I think I've seen him wear on TV and sporting a 5 o'clock shadow. Heard pretty brunette next to him raving about summers at the Jersey Shore. Also spotted Gina Gershon paying Drea de Matteo a visit at her table... Drea looked much prettier in person, or at least in the dim light.

Bad actor Bradley Cooper pukin' his guts out in the loo at BLT Steak. The guy is insufferable: mistreating the service, speaking loudly, even melodramatic in his vomiting, so as not to say impossibly drunk. What a stinker!

10PM - Just saw Jon Voigt walking on 53rd going from 7th toward 6th. He was still dressed up from the MI3 premier (where I saw him on the red carpet earlier). He was walking with another dapper gentleman and they looked happy and were talking despite the drizzling rain.

Just saw John Malkovich in the lobby of the News Corp building (1211 6th Ave.) at 9am. We made eye contact as he was exiting through the revolving doors. He was looking very grumpy, perhaps because he was wearing the fugliest red mottled blazer I have ever seen. Very short.

Caught a long glimpse of the adorable Mark Ruffalo as he entered side door at "Awake and Sing" on 44th. He was holding the gate open for an older woman (mom, maybe?) and caught me having an internal heart-attack. No reaction. Just as scruffy and cute as in all his films. Looked approachable but I could not open my mouth. Aww.

At the Alice in Wonderland statues in Central Park ran into Lisa Kudrow + kid. Sans make-up, wearing what looked like linen slacks and a skimpy blouse, and a hat + really big sunglasses. She's fugly and waved some fans away "I'm with my child for God's sake!"

Last night (May 3) while waiting for a table at Smith & Wollensky Grill, SNL hottie Tina Fey walked in and was immediately whisked upstairs to a private dining room. Did I mention that she's hott? However, Tina—and my steak for that matter—were all overshadowed by the fact that at the next table was Yankee great David Cone. I've met him before and he's always been super cool and last night was no exception. When my friend and I accosted him, he was his usual gracious self, simply shaking our hands and saying, "Thanks guys." What a stud.

2:10 PM, Starbucks on 57th and 6th: Al Sharpton, simultaneously keeping the flame alive for both 3-piece pinstriped suits and Jerry Curl. Also speaking into his Razor to an obviously flustered underling: "WHO did you say this to? You're chewing your words." Oh, Al.

Paul Rudd in Murray's Bagels (8th Ave b/w 23rd & 24th) 12pm....being harassed by a female who claimed to be his biggest fan and then asked if he was the one in the new play with Julia Roberts. Very casually dressed- tee shirt and jeans.

Just saw Sandra Oh at whole foods union square looking normal and short, dressed in a cute brown cardigan and sexy jeans.

Saw Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard last night at Gotham Hall for the Paris Review's Spring Revel, honoring Joan Didion. Jessica still looks good and did a great reading of a Didion excerpt. I think at one point I caught Sam falling asleep during some of the other readings, but kept it together for Jessica's.

Just walked by Kelis (my milkshake bring all the boys to the yard)...she was lookin' HOT standing on Spring Street btwn Broadway and Crosby around 1:30ish while on my way for lunch! Curly hair up in a wrap, nice tight designer jeans and white shirt chattin' w/ some white dude .

I just saw David Arquette, Courtney Cox-Arquette, and little baby Coco in a strolled pushed by the Nanny going into FAO Schwartz.

SNL's Maya Rudolph on uptown #2 train at 9:30 or so this am. Very slender and fawnishly folded with crossed legs and arm across chest. I pod, jeans, sweat jacket in requisite girly color of purple. Prettier and more exotic looking than on TV.

Sitting at the bar at Pearl Oyster Bar today, around 12:45pm when Martha Stewart arrives with a smaller blonde worker bee type. As previously gawked, Martha is extremely tall. The shock was how incredibly beautiful she is in person. Not heavy, either and ate carefully. Nice body, beautiful hair and even with her show make up on luminous skin! She smiled almost constantly and very sweet (yes, sweet) to everyone. Sky blue jacket and black T, sat at the bar to watch all the action. Caught her eye once and she smiled and nodded. Also at the bar Charlie Sheen's mom/L-Word "hasbian" Holland Taylor talking with scraggly-haired Hollywood-type in an expensive suit. Have seen her, usually well-heeled but today in a strange Bermuda short/T-shirt combo. Still, it must be said, that is a gorgeous, gorgeous woman with an amazing figure.

Eric Balfour, 2:19pm walking down Broadway (between Broome and Grand) with female friend. Wearing fedora style hat pulled down over his eyes.

Saw Minnie Driver last night on Spring across from Spring St Lounge. She looks the same as in the movies, and was talking adamantly with her male companion. She was wearing balloon pants and was very thin.

I was at the tribeca film festival's presentation of 'on the bowery' at the museum of Jewish heritage at 5pm on may 2nd and saw Paul Giamatti with a friend. The line to get in was a bit long when he arrived but Paul was polite and went to the back.

1:30pm, May 4th, Casa Mono, 52 Irving Place b/w 17th and 18th st: I just saw Mario Batali seated at a table by the open windows with an older woman. He was eating a (large) plate of something Italian and was wearing cargo shorts and those blinding orange clogs (saw the clogs before I saw him).

At 5:50: Just spotted David Duchovny walking pretty fast on West 4th near 6th Ave. Looked like he was late to get somewhere—dressed immaculately, maybe on his way to dinner or a promo thing? Absolutely gorgeous as always.

I almost got hit by a gigantic GMC Suburban outside 66 restaurant on Church St. Around 8:30 tonight. As I was giving an evil glare to the driver, Keri Russell hopped out of the back. I think she thought I was staring at her and looked annoyed. She seems kinda bitchy, and wore waaaay too much makeup. Lots of paparazzi outside 66 though, must have been a big celeb event.

Spotted: Gabriel Byrne, around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday at Church and White streets,

outside the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Shouting loudly, and somewhat unsuccessfully, for a taxi, in his dramatic Irish brogue.

Tuesday - Elliot Spitzer, talking to a woman outside The Parkside on the south side of Gramercy Park. He was standing near the curb, looking well-dressed but still like a tough, prosecutorial bulldog. He saw me notice him and—since he's campaigning—his body language communicated that he wanted to hear what I had to say or ask, even though he was still talking to the woman. I wanted to delight him, so I said, "Governor Spitzer!" He brightened and I said something like, "I wanted you to hear that." And he said, "I want to hear it, but not yet."

I saw Donald and Melania Trump last night at Julia Roberts play "Three Days of Rain" on 45th between 7th and 8th. Donald looking like The Donald in his signature suit and tie. Melania looking amazing in a black dress and fur wrap. Donald is much taller than I expected, as is Melania. They sat two rows in front of me during the first act but disappeared during intermission and never returned to their seats for the second act.

Sunday in Tribeca - Steven Schirippa, looking as if we was wearing makeup (but not that fat) in Pick-a-Bagel. David Duchovny rushing into the Regal Cinemas, presumable for a post-film Q&A after a screening of "The TV Set". Melvin Van Peebles in an upstairs lobby area at the Regal Cinemas, apparently wearing a "Sweet Sweetback's Baad Asssss Song" (one of his own films) t-shirt. I didn't recognize him but I heard Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin describing the older black guy who had just rushed past as being Van Peebles, wearing the shirt. Garlin ate small amounts of popcorn from two different friends' containers.

Angie Harmon having lunch at Fred's in Barney's. 2pm. looked like any normal person, having a salad. Her wedding ring is gorgeous...

I saw CNN's Bill Hemmer in the 30 Rockefeller concourse today with his lunch, around 1:50 PM. He has to come to NBC territory to get a good lunch?

5/3/06 11:25 AM. Just spotted Ron Rifkin, AKA Alias' Arvin Sloane, walking west on 22nd Street, toward Park Avenue South. Clad in jeans, sensible shoes and a tan windbreaker, Rifkin was carrying an oh-so-mundane maroon gift bag with matching maroon tissue paper sticking out. He had his trademark Sloane spectacles on and was attracting the requisite, "Oh, my God, it's Sloan!" attention from gawkers near and far.

5th Ave and 8th St, 5/1: in stopped traffic, a scruffy Vincent D'Onofrio getting out of his

F150 and confronting the driver who cut him off.

May 3rd, around 2:30pm: Meandering aimlessly around the Meatpacking District,

what to my wondering eyes should I see but Bobby Flay walking into the Chelsea Market! He was wearing a gray hoodie and a black denim jacket. Since I stayed behind him, he didn't even notice me ogling him. He's a LOT thinner than I expected...I guess the camera really does add 10 pounds!

Just saw Andrew McCarthy outside the Jamba Juice on University Pl. getting his kid a smoothie. I wasn't sure if it was him at first, since he was with an adorable little boy, but sure enough he has a son that was born in 2002. He looked good, like any other rich Village young dad. He's aging well.

At 2:50pm today I spotted John Krasinski and Rashida Jones walking out of Penn Station (NW exit) together. They were carrying bags and it looked like they were headed for the taxi stand.

I just saw Liv Tyler and her little baby and dog standing outside an apartment complex talking to a man with long hair. It was at 5:45 on w12 and 8th av. She had her hair up and was wearing large black sunglasses. Her baby was making loud noises, which caught my attention.

Just saw Jennifer Esposito walking down 5th ave b/w 15th and 16th, wearing a beige trench and carrying a J Crew shopping bag. Must say she looked prettyyy good!!

Tuesday, May 24 saw Joshua Jackson walking south on 2nd Avenue (near St. Mark's Place) with a girl who looked surprisingly frumpy. Have no idea who she was: girlfriend, sister, cousin...

We followed Seann William Scott, who was looking very hot and scruffy, from the bridge over the Battery Park Tunnel between Washington and Greenwich streets to the corner of battery place and Washington. He was having a conversation with some dude about directors and John Heder from napoleon dynamite fame.

Saw Axl Rose at Marquee last night ... didn't recognize him at first because he's put on some weight. DJ started playing GNR songs, which was a bit cheesy, but fun to see Axl do his signature sway!

Last night @ 9:45 PM, E 11th Street and 3rd Avenue, Tribeca Film Festival. Michael Moore held court in the lobby of the East Village movie theatre taking pictures and signing autographs before seeing Jesus Camp (which, by the way, lives up to the buzz and is a fantastic documentary). He sat in the last row of the movie with who I presume is his wife. Black sweat pants, New Balance sneakers, no baseball cap. Also, he didn't smell. Oh, and The Fonz was there too.

Billy Joel and Kate Lee Joel, 402 New York Avenue, Huntington Village May 4th, 2006 at 7 p.m. Billy and his (very young) wife ambled into Besito Mexican Restaurant= while I was at the bar waiting to be seated. They were dressed casually and she's about six inches taller than him. My party was later seated in the booth directly next to his, so I got to see him order guacamole made right at the table as well as bottles of imported water (no wine for him!). He also went to the bathroom and spent about 20 minutes in there.

At Isla, waiting to be seated, shared hellos with Mo Rocca, who was there, glasses, bow tie and all, very comfy and chummy with good-looking male companion (lover?). Both were very friendly. Mo commented on my wife's pregnancy. He's such a sweet guy and wife said he's also really cute in person.

I have a flight attendant friend who was working the DC-NY shuttle. John Stossell was on the plane FLOSSING his teeth in his seat!!!!

Sitting next to Judge Judy at Jean Georges requesting oatmeal made with water. She looks quite nice in a lemon chiffon colored suit, very appropriate for the season. She looks and sounds exactly like she does on tv!

5/3, 6 p.m: Saw Lisa-Marie Presley walking south on Bleecker with a bunch of people. Thought, 'That haggard woman looks a lot like Elvis's kid.' Wore sunglasses & a scowl. Took off glasses before quickly getting into a huge black SUV. Looked a bit tired & very much like daddy.

I just saw half-celebrity Will Janowitz, aka Finn DeTrolio from the Sopranos, on 23rd Street, near Madison. Absolutely nothing to distinguish him from the rest of us.

Okay, so I'm walking yesterday on Park in the 50s...There's Carl Icahn, corporate raider... I mean, shareholder champion... I mean... What is he this week? He's much taller than I thought he'd be. He's got a posse of younger bankers following him. Next block, in front of St. Bart's, it's Dan Hedaya (among other roles, the father in Clueless, Carla's husband from Cheers, and (best of all) the evil general/dictator from Commando), looking a little ragged. His hair is grown out into unruly curls, almost dread-locky.

I saw Cyndi Lauper last night (around midnight) inside Duane Reade on 53rd Street and 8th Av looking for a Birthday Card. It took her a long time to choose one. Petit, very white and beautiful skin. Super nice with everybody.

I saw Patricia Clarkson at the Von Lintel Gallery opening 7pm 5/4—555 W 25th. She looks very skinny and blonde.

Saw Fran Drescher with a guy with glasses. She looked really happy smiling and drinking a glass of wine while waiting for her table at Caf


Saw Goose from Top Gun [Anthony Edwards] in front of Brasserie Julien on 3rd ave with his 2 kids.