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We're just hours away from tonight's big National Magazine Awards extravaganza, and Ellie Madness is reaching a fever pitch. By last night's deadline, 14 mag wags had entered our high-stakes pool. We've tallied their picks and are now pleased to present Gawker's wisdom-of-crowds predictions for tonight's winners. (Methodology: The wisdom-of-crowds pick for each category is the title that received a plurality of votes from the participating pickers. In categories where two or more titles tied for the lead, no winner is predicted.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the media-reporter crowd's Ellies picks:

General Excellence, <100,000: Virginia Quarterly Review
General Excellence, 100,000 250,000: Harper's
General Excellence, 250,000 to 500,000: New York
General Excellence, 500,000 to 1 million: ——
General Excellence, 1 million to 2 million: The New Yorker
General Excellence, >2 million: Time

After the jump, the rest of the picks — which call for Remnick to take home at least five Ellies and Adam Moss four. Plus the full panel's choices.

Personal Service: Men's Health
Leisure Interests: Conde Nast Traveler
Reporting: The New Yorker
Public Interest: The New Yorker
Feature Writing: The Atlantic
Profile Writing: The New Yorker
Essays: Vanity Fair
Columns and Commentary: The New Yorker
Reviews and Criticism: New York
Magazine Section: New York
Single-Topic Issue: ——
Design: New York
Photography: Time
Photo Portfolio/Photo Essay: Vanity Fair
Fiction: McSweeney's
General Excellence Online: ——

The contestants: Lisa Granatstein and Stephanie Smith from Mediaweek, Jeff Bercovici and Sara James from WWD, MarwetWatcher Jon Friedman, the Post's Keith Kelly, media man about town Greg Lindsay, Gabe Sherman from the Observer, BusinessWeek's Jon Fine, Ad Age Media Guy Simon Dumenco and media reporter Nat Ives, Mediabistro's Dylan Stableford, Huffington Post media editor Rachel Sklar, and, finally, after deadline and without an invitation, our boss, Lockhart Steele. Here is the spreadsheet of their picks. Who will win the Gawker Ellie? Tune in tomorrow.