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Some completely unsubstantiated, certainly-not-true rumor mongering about Josh Lucas, courtesy of the rascally Velvet Rope Whore:

First, the Poseidon headliner hit the Met's Costume Institute Gala last Monday at gale force, fiendishly hoovering nose candy with, apparently, whomever happened upon his stall in the little boy's room. Not content to partake in stealth, Josh Lucas terrorized the other patrons by doing bizarre movie impersonations in the bathroom mirror- and demanding that spectators guess the characters. ("Large Marge" from PeeWee's Big Adventure was a favorite. Pretend like I can make that up).
Lucas had the prowess to bring a crew back to his LES pad, where he let laid down the following gems:

I just spent $900 on this bottle of Johnny Walker Black you want it?

Don't you think the way a person lights his apartment really says a lot about him? I like to present myself through my lighting.

No doubt the issue was discussed while blowing rails off of his new dimmer switch.

Josh Lucas Is Asking For It [Velvet Rope Whore]