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We've got eight entries filed in the High-Stakes Ellies Pool, and at least a few more are on their way. Plus there's still more folks we're trying to guilt into participating. (Come on, Dumenco. What kind of Media Guy worthy of the name won't hazard a few guesses?) As an additional enticement, we're now pleased to introduce Gawker Ellie, above, the keynote prize for the winner. There will be other, intangible prizes — compliments, esteem — and even, perhaps, some additional tangible prizes. But Gawker Ellie is the real tribute to your prowess. She's an elephant, in tribute to the Calder stabile known as Ellie. She's floppy, because her muscles have atrophied from sitting in front of a computer all day. And she's sad-looking, because aren't we all a little sad? (Also: Stuffed elephants, harder to find than you think.)

Receive an entry form? Want to win Gawker Ellie? You've got till 5 p.m. today.

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