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Well, that was rude of us. Sure we're excited about our own Ellies pool. But we're equally that all sorts of offices around town are putting together their own pools, because of course everyone — everyone — has a raging case of Ellie fever. And so it seems only fair of us to provide for with an official entry form for your own Ellies pool. Change the deadline, if you'd like; eliminate certain categories, if you must. But we would appreciate if you'd keep the Official Gawker High-Stakes Ellies Pool tiebreaker:

If Men's Health wins an Ellie, which of the following terms will Dave Zinczenko use in his acceptance? (Pick all that apply.)
[] Abs
[] Carbs
[] Workout
[] Brand
[] "Fit is the new rich"
[] None of the above

Hell, you can even make that a side bet.

Official Ellies Pool Entry Form [PDF]
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