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On the matter of school fundraiser auctions, a Barnard alum emails about the ladies' own auction. As she puts it, "I was pretty horrified to see my fabulously feminist alma matter Barnard College's offerings." Why so disturbing? Because, amidst the expected booty of a day at Seventeen (Toos Rubenstein '93) and a taping of Martha (Martha Stewart '63, Cyndi Stivers '78), there are a few special items:

Go all the way, baby, with a liposuction treatment! Later, treat yourself to a one-hour Swedish massage in your home from a licensed therapist. Treatment will be done at physicians discretion. For the lipo, you must be in good heath and a good candidate (55 years and older need medical clearance). Thank you, Dr. Rhoda Scharf Narins '62 and Dr. David Narins.
Retail Value: $10,120

One Botox treatment and one Restylane treatment provided at the medical discretion of Dr. Rhoda Narins '62, one of the top dermatologic surgeons in the country. Patient must be in good health and a good candidate (55 years and older need medical clearance). Take home a basket of Script-a-Derm Skin Products. Thank you, Drs. Rhoda Scharf Narins '62 and David Narins.
Retail Value: $3,250
Minimum Bid: $1,000
Bid Increments: $100

Obviously listed for those women who are but mere carnations.

Spring Party & Auction 2006 [Barnard]
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