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We don't know how it's possible to have spent a significant chunk of our day scrutinizing photos from last night's Met Costume Institute Ball and not have vomited into our laps, but here we are, thighs clean and stomachs under control. The sartorial criticism should be left to those who are much better suited to it, but we can't ignore the image at right, of gay matador Zac Posen and his date, former Observer scribe-cum-swan Jessica Joffe.

Obviously, we expected Joffe to be present. And sure, we could say a few things about the dress — but she wears the 'shroomy thing as best as one possibly could. Moreover, we'd hate to kick the poor girl when she's already down. You see, Getty Images* labels Joffe as an unidentified guest.

The pain is so exquisite, we can feel it from over here.

*We're aware that Wire Image does identify Joffe by name, but that website is so common.

Posen at Met [Getty Images]