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Two species from seemingly opposite ends of the universe—comic book geeks and Robertson Blvd.-wandering trend whores—merged last night as Kitson launched their new line of Superman-themed, heroically overpriced crap. And on hand to help push the $900 Swarovski crystal-encrusted S-shield cocaine-receptacles purses were none other than Superman Returns stars Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth. A starstruck reporter for sets the scene:

It's Monday evening and I'm standing outside in warm, but pleasant weather in glitzy Beverly Hills, California. The upscale Kitson boutique is unveiling their exclusive "Superman Returns" apparel, accessories, and dolls. Designers, most of whom I don't recognize (but must be cream of the crop), have all pitched in for this exclusive event. [...]

When it comes to comics, Bosworth "was actually more into horses, but she has a whole different appreciation for them" after doing the film, "they're really incredible forms of art." [...]

Also, she held onto my hand for the whole interview. It was a beautiful minute and nineteen seconds.

[Brandon Routh] had a very strong vision of what was important, to him, about the character, "His physical prowess, but also his intelligence and awareness."

While we can understand why Routh would try to divert attention away from his "physical prowess" and towards his equally bulging acumen, we're left somewhat confused as to what Bosworth's love of things equestrian has to do with comic books. In any case, holding the sweaty, trembling palm of a comic book nerd for over a minute puts her on a higher level of starlet PR appearance saintliness in our books, and we have no doubt our graphic novel enthusiast not only has refrained from washing it in the hours since, but has also put that palm to good, Lois Lane-lusting use.