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After he met some Finns, SuperHappyDevHouse organizer David Weekly pointed out to me that Finnish names are "very Web 2.0." It's true! The list of Finnish names (with pronunciations!) is a goldmine of Web 2.0 monikers and an invaluable resource for any startup. After all, Web 2.0 sites like Riya are already banking on the cuteness of a first name, and Ikea's been naming its furniture after Swedish locations for years.

Each Finnish name cries to be attached to a certain sort of Web 2.0 startup. So try these names, with the recommended services they could define:

Tytti: Social porn
Miika: Web-based enterprise software
Per: Peer-to-peer micro-loans
Jali: Social bookmarking. In pink
Yrjö: Distributed gossip tracker
Riku: Community blog
Saari: Outsourced customer service
Atso: MMORPG currency market
Daavid: Some kind of Yahoo Maps mashup

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