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Hollywood PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by our readers. Send yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line) and let everyone know about the time you overheard Winona Ryder confide in a Barneys salesperson about her addiction to doing laundry.

In this week's episode: Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Chenoweth; Jack Black; Sherry Lansing; Kelly Osbourne and Danny Masterson; Paul Haggis; Drew Carey; Rebecca De Mornay; Benicio del Toro; Andrea Bocelli; Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani; Frankie Muniz; Kate Hudson; Quentin Tarantino; Matt Dillon; Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson; Jessica Simpson; Carl Weathers; Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider; Kimberly Stewart and Billy Corgan; Winona Ryder; Hugh Jackman; James Spader; Courteney Cox-Arquette, David Arquette and Coco; Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez; Matthew Perry; Jared Leto; Jay Mohr; Richard Simmons; Ray Liotta; Kevin James; Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje and Andy Milonakis.

· Sunday, 4/23, was turning onto Crescent Heights from Sunset to park at a friend's apartment when Aaron Sorkin walked in front of my car, then paused in the median to lean against a stop sign, then jaywalked it over to the other side of Crescent. He seemed awed by all the posters hung up at Virgin Records, and was hopefully on a phone headset as he appeared to be talking to himself. The thought occurred to me just a moment too late to invite him along with us, as we were going to order pizza and watch his former show The West Wing. He disappeared into an apartment building, and returned a few moments later with several people I didn't recognize and Kristin Chenoweth. Probably best I didn't get the chance to ask him up, as it was doubtful we had the proper ingrediants for him to make homemade crack.

· Today (Sunday) after brunch at Barney's, spotted Jack Black on his way up the stairs to the fifth floor (good for him— he needs the exercise). He was with a woman I didn't recognize - but who I imagine is, according to IMDB, his brand-new nonfamous wife.

· 5/27/05 Sherry Lansing exiting the Fox Plaza. She looks good for her age. We made eye contact but we both kept on walking in opposite directions. She has a foundation and her offices are there, which is funny since she was the head of Paramount.

5/27/06 Kelly Osbourne and Danny Masterson at the Ringside (Balthazar Getty's band) concert at the Roxy. One of the security walked her through to the VIP section where she climbed into a booth. Her weight looked normal and she came with a group of girls. Danny still has his big fro and he sat at a side table with a skinny no-name girl.

· Paul Haggis @ Peet's Coffee on Montana on Tuesday morning 4/25. He went virtually unnoticed as he ordered some sort of coffee drink and drove off in a YELLOW mini Cooper.

Drew Carey eating alone @ Bob's Big Boy in Burbank/Toluca Lake on Friday afternoon 4/14. Not shorter/smaller in person. There is nothing small about him.

Rebecca De Mornay watching Friends With Money @ the Grove on Friday night 4/14 ... apparently she was alone because she asked if the single seat next to us was taken!

· Saturday, 4/14 at JPs in Wilshire on Santa Monica: saw Benicio del Toro, looking just like a tall, average guy with slightly more under-eye skin than others. My friend talked to him. I was wasted. Saturday, 4/22 at Woo Lae Oak on La Cienega: saw Andrea Bocelli with wife and kids getting up to leave as we were seated. Wife is gorgeous, she held his hand and led him out the door. Aw. Kathy Ireland is sitting across the room, I don't notice her but my friend does. THEN: I almost choke on my bulgogi when Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani walk in! Gwen looked gorgeous, ready to pop and had on a super cute dress, Gavin was just as studly in jeans. They sat in back and ordered tons of food, no one bothered them, but everyone hushed and stared as they got up to leave. They are so cool. I've never felt so uncool in my life. Sunday, 4/23: saw Frankie Muniz and short blond lady friend at Beverly Center, walking around the food court. Nothing to special about either of them. Monday, 4/24: saw Kate Hudson behind Macgowan Hall at UCLA, smoking a cig with two other non-famous people. Or maybe they were famous but I didn't recognize them. Kate was all smiles and laughter, I have no clue what they were doing there, although Macgowan is a theater/film building. Enjoy!

· Saw Quentin Tarantino at Borders in Hollywood, he was with a posse of all black wearing film nerds and one lonely looking Shar Jackson. I stepped outside to get a smoke, and one of Q.T's posse told me he recognized me, and was convinced I was the third member in a threesome he had the night before. I wasn't.

· Late Sunday (4/24) night at Birds on Franklin . Matt Dillon walking back in forth in front of the sidewalk patio section, trying to be noticed. He was noticed all right. Most of the other patrons were laughing at his shameful attempt to be recognized and pick up chicks. He looked kind of good, but could use a haircut.

· Tuesday, April 24

11:00am- Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson getting brunch at Hugos on Santa Monica

11:15am- A sweatpants wearing, bed-headed Jessica Simpson with a female friend I did not recognize getting brunch at Hugos. Looks like it *may* have been a rough night for her.

· Last Saturday (4/22) went five-deep on celebs. First, went to Indian Film Festival at Arclight and while trying to get into my friend's movie nearly ran straight into a giant musclebound black wall incongruously wearing a Kangol hat. Actually, it wasn't a wall, it was Carl Weathers. I gave him a look that said, "Creed is a foot taller than Stallone and definitely got some extra cash for staying down for the 10 count in Rocky II, right?" And he nodded.

Next up at Citizen Smith for dinner encountered the usual Hollywood assortment of vainglorious plastic beauty with the notable exception of a dude in the corner wearing a hat, a puffy ski vest, grey sweatpants and sneakers...Adam Sandler. Sandler and cute preggers wifey were on a double-date with Rob Schneider and some hot blondie, no doubt celebrating the cinematic achievement that is Benchwarmers. I met them ten years ago at a Spoons restaurant in Northern Cali, but didn't bring it up. Schneider is like 5 feet tall, of which 4 feet are just sideburns.

Afterwards, we braved the post-US Weekly cover hype and went to The Dime hoping for the good DJ guy plus after Weathers and Sandler I was hoping to hit the Happy Gilmore trifecta with my longtime love Julie Bowen. Instead, we got weak hip-hop and a highly improbably pairing in the corner: uberfugly Kimberly Stewart with a bemused Billy Corgan. Neither one of them seemed to be having fun. Billy had a Holden Caufield style hat on but couldn't conceal his 6'4"-ish frame. Maybe Kimberly misses Talan and Billy misses C-Love. Anyhoozle, went to a musician-laden but celebrity-free party in Silverlake after that for purification purposes. That is all.

· Saw shopping- errr shoplifiting- queen Winona Ryder at Barneys in BH Sunday 4-23. Not surprisingly, an employee assisting her (i.e. lugging around her gigantic pile of clothes) did not leave her sight the entire time. She is TINY in real life. I overheard her a couple times gushing about how she likes to do laundry. Hmmm, guess stars really ARE just like us!

· 4/23 - While making the rounds at Century City, I spotted the man who's going to own 2006 (XMen 3, The Fountain, Flushed Away, etc.) Hugh Jackman with his family - wife, son, and newly adopted baby girl. They were eating ice cream as Hugh cheered on his son who was climbing a tree. Minutes later, Brat Packer we still love to hate James Spader walked by. He was barely recognizable having packed on quite a few lbs. and wearing quite the frumpy ensemble. He used to look so hot when I'd see him jogging by the Starbucks across from CAA. Please tell me the new look is for a role.

· Finally, my very own sighting! 4/23 at the Beverly Center approximately 11:00am: As my boyfriend and I are taking the escalator up to the 7th floor, adorable Hollywood family the Cox-Arquettes (Courteney, David and little Coco) pass us on their way down. Very casual, normal looking family on a Sunday outting. There weren't many people around and no one was bothering them. On a side note, Courtney did not look at all like her nether-regions were filled with "dried up twigs", as those naughty "Friends" writers would have us believe.

· 4/20 - Saw Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez dining together at Magnolia in Hollywood. How does that girl stay skinny? After finishing her meal, she started eating off of his plate. To be fair, Thursday was stoner holiday 4/20, so she might have had the munchies. I didn't see who paid, but I hope it wasn't Mario. His check from ALOHA, SCOOBY DOO couldn't have been that big.

· Eva Longoria flies Southwest! She was on Flight 961 from San Antonio to LAX in the afternoon on 4/24, flying home two days after Tony Parker killed the Kings in Game 1 of the playoffs. She had an A boarding pass (LONGORIA/EVA) and seemed to be alone but friendly, keeping to herself in a mid-plane window seat. Tasty as ever in a strapless red top, cardigan and absurd sunglasses. She also carried a large blue terrycloth pillow. Couldn't see what she was reading. She's unfailingly nice when she's in I'm-just-a-supportive-NBA-girlfriend mode, so even the Mexican bike cops craning their necks for a good look when she deplaned got a smile.

· I saw a post in the Privacy Watch about Matthew Perry wandering aimlessly through the Arclight gift shop. I saw him there, too, and then when I was sitting in the theatre waiting for Hard Candy to start, in comes Matthew Perry. He sat in the seat directly in front of me and leaned all the way forward in his chair during the excruciatingly-difficult-to-watch scene where the girl cuts off the guy's balls. He seemed pretty disturbed. I felt a little awkward being so close to an icon of happiness while watching THAT. Perry looked really good, happy, and was with some guy with a Betty Ford Clinic baseball cap (so he was either being ironic or the guy was his sponsor). The week before that, Brian Posehn sat in front of me at the Arclight during Slither, and made loud fart noises at the preview for The Break Up. I respect him.

· Sunday, 4/22: Saw Jared Leto and some male friends at the Sunset&Vine Zen Zoo Tea, ordering lunch and not just boba, weird. Jared's looking slightly scruffy with really black hair but he can't hide those baby blues. He seemed very chill and either didn't notice or didn't mind my "Jordan Catalano!" double take.

· Saw Jay Mohr with the rest of us plebes watching Al Pacino in Salome at the Wadsworth Theatre in Westwood. He, like the rest of us, gave Big Al a standing-O. Don't know if Jay waited for Al after the show to get an autograph.

· driving home from work, i was cutting through the beverly hills flats on elevado. at a stop sign i was gazing out my driver side window when what should i see? richard simmons. full blown afro. red tank top. vogueing. i don't even know what to say. but rs was clearly very experienced with her madgesty's moves. i don't think this sighting will ever be topped.

· Okay, I see celebs all the time at Gold's Gym in Venice so I stopped reporting them a while back, but this one I thought was worth mentioning: what appeared to be the reanimated corpse of Ray Liotta (4/21). He had that kind of puffy, stitched-togther, post-plastic-surgery look happening, but those piercing baby blues were thankgodfully unaltered. Despite his current appearance, he was such a fox in "Goodfellas" that when I locked eyes with him I couldn't help but swoon a little.

· 4/23/06: Saw Kevin James, looking suitably stocky, in Thousand Oaks. He was dressed in sweatsuit zip-top and jeans, and appeared to belong to a small group of people front of a church. He helped an elderly woman (complete with walker) into a car, all the while wearing a mild, but unmistakable, look of displeasure.

· Saw Mr. Eko (aka ADEWALE AKINNUOYE-AGBAJE - yes I had to look that up) at the Hollywood Y today. Props to him for keeping it real with us common folks. Big guy, in great shape (obvious if you watch the show) but not quite as tall as he appears on TV.

· Bizarre sight at the Audi dealership in Santa Monica today (Monday).
Andy Milonakis and several hangers-on were trying to buy a car - not sure which model they walked away with, or if they ended up buying anything at all. But they were there for a while, and it was odd: Andy was with two tall, attractive guys and a short blond girl, all in their late 20's and one of the guys was cradling a small chihuahua the entire time (do straight guys do that now? - or is that a trademark of the idle rich regardless of gender?). I know Andy is like 30 years old, and has a growth hormone deficiency which is ultimately very sad and not at all funny, but... he looks and talks like he is 13, so it's especially odd to see him in a position to purchase a luxury car, and odder still to see a "posse" surround a guy who looks like my Nintendo-playing cousin. Still, he seemed nice enough.