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The only thing more old-school than a dot-com (okay, except a BBS, grandpa) is an at-dot-com — an e-mail newsletter like DailyCandy. The Manhattan-based shopping guide snagged a feature story in New York Magazine, and every detail seemed eerily familiar.

  • The tone is described as "gossipy," "cliqueish," and defensively independent.
  • It's rumored that the writers aren't exactly raking in the dough.
  • And yet the company manages to rack up a mythical $100-million selling price.
  • There's precious little office space, and the staff would rather tease than invite a journalist over.
  • It's really just Old Media with the Internet stirred in.
  • It tries oh so hard to be sexy and trendy.
  • All the guys involved are probably gay.

It just felt...eerie. As if I already worked for this company. But one line relieved all Twilight Zone heebie-jeebies.

  • "The company...fiercely combats any perception of impropriety."

Well fuck that.

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