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Good Morning America film critic Joel "I loved it!" Siegel rounds up the coming summer blockbusters on, noting that the average budget comes in at around $160 million, or $80 million per Sonny Crockett beer boob. He also makes the following observation about a creative bit of studio counterprogramming:

The summer's best counter-programming is "The Devil Wears Prada," set for release the same weekend as "Superman Returns." The assumption: No one in America wants to see both movies.

Hollywood's demographic marketing research and fancy spreadsheets may spit out nonsense suggesting there's no audience overlap, but as anyone who has ever engaged their hair colorist in conversation already knows, Superman and Prada are the two must-see homo movie events of the summer. Fox may find itself disappointed after Prada's opening weekend, when it loses a sizable chunk of the core audience that would typically show up for a Meryl Streep-channeling-Anna Wintour black comedy to the giant screen adventures of Brandon Routh's Superbulge.