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Variety reports that Lindsay Lohan, who recently worked alongside Meryl Streep in a Prairie Home Companion, is once again wrapping herself in the career-legitimizing insulation of an Oscar-winning castmate, signing on to star in Garry Marshall's Georgia Rule with Jane Fonda, the story of "a rebellious young woman who has a dysfunctional relationship with her mother and is sent to spend a summer with her grandmother." But will Lohan heed her ostensible mentor's advice? We imagine that any rapport between the two actresses will quickly be eroded the first time that Fonda, no stranger to youthful indiscretion herself, walks in on Lohan as she violently coughs up reminders of the previous night's hijinks, and offering to hold her young charge's hair, is rebuffed with, "Listen, grandma, I don't need your help, OK? I've been doing this since I was, like, 12."