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SF Chronicle writer Dan Fost has rolling updates on the "Tumbleweeds in South Park" tale referenced in his South Park feature story.

The original story: A former dot-commer released tumbleweeds upon South Park during the Bust. But who? Why? With what PR firm egging them on?

After Valleywag bugged Dan for background, he dug up the weed-tumbler, Lisa Meckler. The former Wired Magazine employee gathered some tumbleweeds in 2002, issued a press release, and scattered them across the South Park lawn. Above, a photo of the event coaxes poetry out of Dan.

Two sidenotes after the jump.

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Note that according to Meckler, the tumbleweeds "just sat there." Fost originally wrote that they "roll[ed] across the lawn." Career-breaking fact-check scandal?

Also: In her press release, Meckler described a "fog-like unease" blanketing San Francisco. I think it's called "fog."