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So. The Park Slope hat. New York reported on it this week, and we brought you the whole email exchange yesterday afternoon. All sorts of things were debated: Is it a boy's hat or is it a girl's hat, or is it for infants with abnormally large heads? Does headgear reinforce gender roles, are parents inadvertent sexist, are Park Slopers crazy P.C. Nazis? (Um, yeah, definitely yes to that last one.) But one thing was never really resolved: What ever became of the hat? This morning, thank God (whomever your god might be), there was an answer:

Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 9:06 AM
Subject: [ParkSlopeParents] RE: Found Boy's hat

The hat sits alone on top of my VCR machine. It's slumped over, looking a bit forlorn. Once a jester's hat, now it's just a lonely 'soft porous bowl', genderless, and without a head to bolster it.

What a disappointing denouement.

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