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• David Patrick Columbia tells the story of Ron Burkle. Our favorite part is about midway, when we learn that Ron used hidden cameras to videotape his then-wife's affair with her personal trainer. Fucking the help is so clichéd; hidden cameras, even more so. Update: NYSD makes a correction to this item. [NYSD]
• And then there's the result, Ron Burkle's messy divorce: Interestingly, the Democrats in the California legislature (the same Democrats that count Burkle as a major supporter) are pushing forward legislation that would keep his divorce records from becoming public information. Pity — the public would love to read about who's been on that private jet. [America's Finest Blog]
• Did Harvey Weinstein lie to the poor ol' Gray Lady about his connections to Page Six? Nikki Finke wouldn't put it past him, and she's totally right. [Deadline Hollywood]
• Dealbook proudly presents the Page Six Mogul Index. We lurve it. [Dealbook]

And, in other news (yes, there is other news!):

• We're still taking your questions for Times editor Bill Keller. Send your suggested queries to We've yet to receive anything that addresses seersucker.
• Russell and Kimora are just thrilled with their open marriage. Really. Fucking. Happy. [crunk + disorderly]
• The Times Frank Bruni was at NBC prettyface Campbell Brown's wedding to Dan Senor. Here's how he got there. [Best of Both Worlds]
• What the hell is "Dance Friday," and why do we love it so? [Diminishing Returns]