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• The New York Press names Adario Strange as new EIC. Strange is best known as the second editor of The Source and his recent documentary The NYU Suicides, which is a lot like the Press because, uh... No matter. Welcome to media life support, Adario!
• A $250 power meal at the Waldorf means looking at a lot of fancy ladies — all of whom would crush you in a second if you came near their lofty perches. [Almost Literary]
• Any readers at the University of Oregon? Want to tell us what it was like to hear Times mag contributing writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis talk about sexy stuff? [UO]
• Bad news: Mariah Carey does not own any part of Mariah Winery. If their sauce sucks, they'll have to find someone else to blame. [WineFetch]
• Donny Deutsch corrupt? No. [AdAge]
• Meryl Streep thinks it's hard to be Lindsay Lohan, mostly because Streep just can't stay up that late. [BH]
• Katie Holmes puts on her fake belly all wrong. [Blogger]
• Head Stroke Julian Casablancas lost his diary. We doubt it's occurred to him to maybe look on LiveJournal. [The Strokes]