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• The Today Show may be losing Katie Couric's legs, but there's still hope if Meredith Vieira takes her place: Vieira eschews underwear in favor of nature's breeze. [TMZ]
• A moment of sincerity: Jane Pratt and Gwen Stefani working together on a magazine? Holy fucking awesome. We'll spend tonight sleeping on a pile of Sassys, praying for a miracle. [Suicide Girls]
• Because nothing is sacred, bid adieu to the $5 burgers and endless beers at Columbia's legendary West End — it's time for the Cuban invasion. [NY Sun]
• Is Gloria Steinem a Diva Who Dines? [DWD (scroll down)]
• Behold the commuting majesty of the SeaStreak, the preferred boat of New Jersey traders and those nostalgic for a booze cruise. [Dealbreaker]
• In a similarly depressing, finance-oriented vein, we present you with Hedgestock. Oh yes, hell is very, very real. [Dealbook]
• How the Times artfully dodges the Corrections bullet. [Tabloid Baby]