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Two big-shot attorneys from Scary Hollywood Lawyer Bert Fields' firm might be stuffing seven of their colleagues into a cardboard box and slipping out to start a new, less suspicion-riddled practice, reports today's LAT. But just because the timing makes them seem like they're trying to sneak away before a much-rumored indictment of firm partner Fields can be handed down in connection with the Anthony Pellicano Wiretapping Trial of the Century doesn't mean they think anything bad is going to happen to their soon-to-be ex-colleagues. Says the Times:

Dale F. Kinsella and Howard L. Weitzman are expected to take seven attorneys with them when they exit Greenberg, Glusker, Fields, Claman, Machtinger & Kinsella in mid-April, according to sources within the firm.

Greenberg Glusker declined to comment Thursday. Weitzman would say only that he, Kinsella and the others are considering the move

"If we do, it is because we want to go back to practicing in a smaller environment," Weitzman said in a statement, adding that the decision has nothing to do with the federal probe. "As I've said publicly before, I do not believe any Greenberg Glusker lawyer has acted inappropriately, nor do I think anyone from the firm will be so charged."

See, now don't you feel guilty about thinking of them as rats in thousand-dollar suits fleeing a sinking ship? They're just simple lawyerin' folk seeking a cozier, more intimate practice, a place where if you want to accidentally overhear something you're not supposed to, you just press an old-fashioned drinking glass to a door, not hire some guy with new-fangled electronic equipment to do it for you.