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So many job changes have been crossing our desktop lately:

• Isolde Motley, the number-two editorial exec at Time Inc. and the highest-ranking editorial-side woman in the company's history, will be leaving the company by June, WWD's Sara James reports. Motley, once the managing editor of Life, helped launch titles including Martha Stewart Living, This Old House, and Real Simple. James says Motley wants to spend more time with her family, and the suggestion is that in this case it's actually true.

Lil Jossip, meantime, has news that Vanity Fair's Oscar-party-planning majordomo, Matt Ullian, who decamped a year ago to GQ, is now returning to his old duties at VF. One of them, we really, really hope, is keeping a closer eye on Graydon's sartorial choices for next year's event.

• Then there's this, which showed up unsolicited in the inbox:

Charles Dubow, the lifestyle editor or, has quit Forbes and is moving to BusinessWeek. The move is more significant than it might appear because Dubow's lifestyle stories are a key profit driver for the Forbes brand. bills itself as the world's number one source of business news. But the vast majority of's readers arrive at the site somewhat accidentally via links, and a large part of this traffic is from what's executive editor calls "wealth porn" - and much of that is generated by Dubow. It's the regular "slide shows," pictorials of the "most expensive houses," the "most expensive cars," and even the "best topless beaches." These stories get prominent play on AOL and elsewhere - and the AOL users are morphed into "Forbes readers." Dubow was most responsible for making this happen for, which made the site quite profitable. Now he is taking his act to BusinessWeek.

• And, finally, we're heartbroken to report that our pals over at Mediabistro are losing yet another editorial staffer. Aileen Gallagher, who oversees the jobs site's service pieces, gave her notice this week. Dreaming of a boa of your very own? The job listing is here.

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