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With this apparently being Jew day on Gawker — and how, we wonder, is that different from all other nights? — it's a perfect time to mention this squib from Publisher's Marketplace today:

Huffington Post contributor (and former Fishbowl blogger) Rachel Sklar's JEW-ISH, a guide to understanding the difference between a shiksa and a latke, and why there are so many ways to spell Chanukah, pitched as something like AMERICA: THE BOOK, except about Jews, and what it takes to be a good one, or a good-ish one (now go call your mother!), to Matthew Benjamin at Collins, by Kate Lee at ICM (world English).

We wish a hearty mazel tov to both Rachel and Kate, and we eagerly await the sure-to-be-forthcoming subsequent books in the Sklarian series: THE YEAR OF SAYING YES TO JON STEWART, FISH PUNS FOR DUMMIES, and, of course, CANADA: THE BOOK (pitched as AMERICA: THE BOOK, except about Canada).