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It's fair, it's hard-hitting, it's "25 Things I Love About Google" by blogger Danny Sullivan. Sure, the Search Engine Watch editor will run 25 things he hates in his next column, but meanwhile he'll give some hero worship. But if you read between the lines you can see the real message — or the fake message that I made up:

He says:He means:
Matt Cutts, Marissa Mayer, and Googlers in general are smart and dedicated.I owe Matt twenty bucks, I want an interview with Marissa, and I could really use a free Google lunch.
They're smart and dedicated—Smart. Dedicated. Smart. Dedicated. Okay, covered the talking points.
—and want to do big things that will help people in general.Google won't hurt anyone — at least no one who matters.
Google itself is getting bigger and more frightening in certain ways as it grows. As a counterbalance, Googlers are imbued with a spirit you can't help but admire and appreciate.As a counterbalance, Googlers run a hard PR campaign around Marissa Mayer that can't help but creep you out. "Ten to fourteen hours reading e-mail"? Face it — she's crazy.
And the good news is, their competitors have employees just as inspired and smart.Stem tide of angry Yahoo e-mails...check.

Okay, maybe he does mean what he says. But when Danny's "25 Things I Hate about Google" comes out, we'll see if the hate is as harsh as the love was lavish.

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