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A report from the office of Gotham magazine, the Manhattan outpost of Jason Binn's rich-people-friendly Niche Media empire:

a ton of contruction is going on here, everyone is moving desks... relocating to an expanding floor, etc. it's apparently stiring things up a bit in the building.

yesterday, a designer here said she smelled something. we assumed it must be a mouse carcass. The stench was much worse this morning. our new office manager's solution was to move her, and said that she'd have to "wait a few weeks before she could move back to her original desk", so now she is sitting in a temporary cube until the mouse runs its decomposition course.

Then, 5 minutes ago, I'm sitting here, cruising gawker, and I hear a shriek of death from caryn whitmans office (managing editor), and she is literally standing on top of her desk screaming. 10 people run over to see what it is, and she screams "MOOOOOOOUSE!"

needless to say, this place is infested. You'd think that a glossy mag like this would have some cleanliness to it, but it's proving to be nasty and I am terrified that im going to either have a mouse dash across my keyboard, or ill end up taking home a pet in my handbag.

On the other hand, we have no doubt that pet would be the finest, most exclusive, highest net worth mouse you could find.

Still, ew.

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