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The Hollywood Valley invasion is just a swap: the Valley's taking over Hollywood, one clever indie flick at a time.

The latest little victory: Hot or Not's James Hong joined his pal Max Levchin at the L.A. premiere of Thank You for Smoking. Max and a handful of other former Paypal execs joined producer David Sachs (the former Paypal COO now living in the Pulp Fiction Uma-coke-overdose house) as exec producers.

But that's not the sign of invasion — the real kicker is an attendee's report that "there were more Silicon Valley entrepreneurs (both successful and not) in the premiere audience than stars."

Levchin and company are among good company. Other Valley-to-Hollywood producers include:

Jeff Skoll, eBay co-founder. Exec-produced Syriana and Good Night and Good Luck. He also produced North Country.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founding Google boys. Exec-produced the upcoming Broken Arrows — together, of course.
George Zachary, folks tell me, dabbled in the film biz, but even IMDb doesn't know any titles he's attached to.

And, of course, a host of others, which you'll gleefully ID in the comments.

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