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• Beloved perv Dan Savage discovers another note left by Village Voice Media tribal warlord Mike Lacey: "I recently discovered that many of the young ladies who advertise in the back pages of the Voice actually have PENISES. They appear to be ladies until it s too late." [Slog]
• The Huffington Post agrees: Tomatoes are delicious. [Media Mob]
• Everyone's favorite lady from the now-defunct Black Table takes her act elsewhere: Amy Blair writes Week in Craig for Animal mag's online venture. [Animal NY]
• The Times online is all hopped up on bloggy goofballs: today they launch yet another blog, The Pour. Written by resident wino Eric Asimov, it promises to be an exciting look at the world of, uh, overanalyzing your booze. [The Pour]
• Determined to win an Ellie in the court of public opinion, the Atlantic puts all of its nominated material online. [Atlantic]
• Blondie builds stuff. [The Gutter]
• Grammar cop cites a Paris Hilton-inspired advertisement on the Drudge Report. Isn't that, like, a triply offensive violation? [Banterist]
• The only thing truly worth failing: the Ann Coulter Quiz. [Minor Tweaks]